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After almost three years of running a successful but modest healthcare business, I started working with Lianne to strategically take my business to the next level.  Lianne helped me to organize the sales aspect of the business by setting aggressive sales goals, getting my team excited about building and sustaining their caseloads and developing new areas of my business. So far we have not only met but significantly exceeded  those goals so I can run my business more efficiently and concentrate more on growth.

Melanie Sutherland

Owner, RPM Physiotherapy

I reached out to Lianne because I wanted to take my business to the next level with regards to sales growth and big picture strategy.  Lianne encouraged me to set goals, helped restructure my packages and pricing and has worked with me on creating brand awareness. She is an amazing resource and sounding board for ideas and continually holds me accountable.  All that in addition to being one of the kindest, smartest and most lovely people around.

Allison Martineau

Owner, Sweet Pea Nutrition

Working with Lianne helped me to streamline my sales process, including email templates, follow-up strategy, and behind-the-scenes organization of prospects and income. Lianne’s expertise made me feel confident in applying her advice to my own business and has made me feel more comfortable taking on a sales role as a small business owner.

Holly Hagan

Owner, It's Personal Branding

We hired Lianne to help us build sales systems and train our team.  She gave us techniques in a way that fit everyone’s style and was easy to understand.  She is our personal cheerleader and really invested in our success.  She may not be listed on our staff page, but she’s an important part of our team.

Jennifer Henderson

Opet Childbirth Services

I originally started working with Lianne to help create content for a video to post on my web site.  During our first session I knew I had to hire Lianne as my coach.  We dug deep into all aspects of my company, from sales to marketing to strategic planning…  Lianne helped me create a clear vision and understanding of the direction I wanted to go, to create the business I had always dreamed of.

Andi Clark

In-Home Personal Trainer, Home Fit

As a creative entrepreneur I often find myself in a dizzying spiral of ideas and tasks. Lianne has been my peace in all the frantic hustle. In our monthly calls she realigns my most important tasks and gives me the clarity I need to keep heading in a productive and profitable direction.

Becky Freeman

Property Stylist, Becky Freeman

With her personable demeanor, wealth of knowledge, and passion for sales that she immediately emits, we would highly recommend her to speak at any function or as a one-on-one consultant.  It was an absolute pleasure having Lianne share her expertise with us and we will definitely be having her back to hold another successful sales seminar.

Julie O

Owner, Lux Furniture Rentals

Lianne is an absolute pleasure to work with. With her sharp expertise in sales and her fun (but very professional) personality, she guides you through a enlightening process. Her keen sense to see you succeed is refreshing and encouraging. She helped me grow my business & achieve goals I never imagined.

Lesley Pocklington

Owner, Swell Made Co

I had an incredibly successful first year in business thanks to Lianne. She helped clarify my packages and pricing plus encouraged me to raise my rates. I highly recommend working with her.

Rachel Di Martino

Web Design & SEO Expert, Geek Unicorn

Lianne’s vibrant energy and personality caught my attention the first time I heard her talk on a webinar.  I knew at that moment I had to work with her.  During our weekly sessions, Lianne coached me on how to take my new business to the next level.  She has a sharp mind and sharp ideas that can be easily implemented but can make a huge different to a small business looking for growth. Lianne is genuinely interested in her clients and their business success.  She’s honest, knowledgeable and a sharp-shooter.

Maria Velve

Green Beauty Expert, Maria Velve

Working with Lianne allowed me to organize my vision, set realistic goals and anticipate potential hurdles. She gave me the confidence and strategies to build my business and become truly successful.

Lauren Spicer

Owner, So Fresh Yoga

I knew right away, Lianne was the sales coach for me. Her vibe combined with deep knowledge, are a powerful combination, that’s helping me take my business to the next big level. Although I have been working as a social media strategist and content manager for years, I was operating without a website or officially announcing my services. The momentum we built from our first few sessions, lead me to working through mindset blocks that lead to increasing my income, getting clear on the services I’d be offering as well as the number of clients I’d need to reach my goal, and creating and launching my website.

Sara Vartanian

Social Media Strategist

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